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Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Dems look at bypassing Senate health care vote
Von eights, 02:32

A panicky White House and Democratic allies scrambled Sunday for a plan to salvage their hard-fought health care package in case a Republican wins Tuesday's Senate race in Massachusetts, which would enable the GOP to block further Senate action.

The likeliest scenario would require persuading House Democrats to accept a bill the Senate passed last month, despite their objections to several parts.

Aides worked frantically Sunday amid fears that Republican Scott Brown will defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy's seat. A Brown win would give the GOP 41 Senate votes, enough to filibuster and block final passage of the House-Senate compromise on health care now being crafted.

House Democrats, especially liberals, viewed those compromises as vital because they view the Senate-passed version as doing too little to help working families. Under the Senate bill, 94 percent of Americans would be covered, compared to 96 precent in the House version. The House plan would increase taxes on millionaires while the Senate plan would tax so-called Cadillac, high-cost health insurance plans enjoyed by many corporate executives as well as some union members.

The House passed its own version last year, and members assumed it would be reconciled with the Senate bill and then sent back to both chambers for final approval by the narrowest of margins. A GOP win in Massachusetts on Tuesday would likely kill that plan, because Republicans could block Senate action on the reconciled bill.

The newly discussed fallback would require House Democrats to swallow hard and approve the Senate-passed bill without changes. President Barack Obama could sign it into law without another Senate vote needed.

House leaders presumably would urge the Senate to make some changes later under a complex plan requiring only a simple majority, but it's unclear whether that could happen.

The plan is highly problematic. House liberals already are bristling over changes the Senate forced upon them earlier, and some may conclude that no bill is better than the Senate bill. Meanwhile, some moderate Democrats may abandon the health bill altogether after seeing a Republican win Kennedy's seat in strongly Democratic Massachusetts.

Republican activists openly scoffed at the notion of Democrats passing the highly contentious health package after a GOP takeover of Kennedy's Senate seat. But some Democrats said failure to pass a health bill will cripple their ability to tell voters this November that they accomplished anything with their control of the House, Senate and White House.

"The simplest way is the House route," a White House aide said Sunday, speaking on condition of anonymity because Democrats have not conceded the movie posters to Brown.

If Coakley wins, final passage of a House-Senate compromise is not guaranteed but seems likely. But even as Obama campaigned for Coakley in Boston Sunday, top aides furiously weighed options if she loses. They include:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly ruled out a House vote on the Senate's version, and privately, officials have raised concerns about asking the rank and file to vote on legislation containing provisions that might prove problematic in the midterm elections.

As an example, the Senate-passed measure exempts self-insured insurance plans from many of the steps Democrats say are essential to curb insurance industry abuses. By one estimate, as many as 100 million individuals are covered under such plans.

Additionally, House Democrats in last week's talks pushed for additional subsidies for lower-income individuals and families who would be required to buy insurance under the measure that cleared the Senate. Several Democrats familiar with the talks said Obama had agreed with this point of view, and changes had been made accordingly.

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GoDaddy is a goliath among giants
Von eights, 02:32

GoDaddy is a goliath among giants in the web hosting industry. The company owns and maintains data centres and internet hardware connections since 1997.

Like most big-brand companies, GoDaddy packages come at a premium price, particularly with unlimited allowance plans working out more expensive than similar plans from their competitors. However, don't let this put you off, as there are packages available to suit all budgets.

Each hosting plan comes with GoDaddy statistics web site tools to help you keep an eye on how your page is hosted stage. The installation is completely free and includes access to GoDaddy Hosting Connection where you can interact with other users GoDaddy and find free applications to use on your website.

GoDaddy have 3 stages to their Linux shared hosting packages. The Go Daddy Economy Plan will give you 10GB storage, 300GB bandwidth, 100 email accounts, 10 MySQL databases, 25 sub domains and $45 worth of ad credits with Google and Microsoft. The Deluxe plan offers a lot more storage, 150GB worth and 1500GB bandwidth, plus 500 email accounts, unlimited web sites, 25 MySQL databases and $75 worth of ad credits.

GoDaddy touts its own proprietary control panel, which is a careful selection of task-centered menus all selectable by clicking on large, obvious buttons. Pretty basic and standard fare. Even it's not as good as the icon-based cPanel, it's still a not bad one.

GoDaddy has a variety of support options and support available and accessible at all times. The online support forum and FAQ are well organized and contain a wealth of knowledge for beginners and advanced users. The service representatives GoDaddy can also be contacted by phone or email. GoDaddy is a large company with thousands of users to help staff expected, would be slower than others.

GoDaddy have good support and reasonable pricing however you may want to shop around first as GoDaddy's control panel isn't the easiest to use. Either way they must be doing something right being one of the biggest hosting companies in the US.

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River Belle Casino established in 1997
Von eights, 02:31

River Belle Casino established in 1997, and is owned by Carmen Media Group Limited based in Gibraltar. River Belle casino is one for those of us that enjoy the feeling of old paddle-steamers, olden-day charm and also the excitement of the yesteryears gaming boats. River Belle Casino makes use of the latest firewall technologies and 128 bit encryption for the protection of customer's data and financial transactions at the site.

River Belle Casino uses the acclaimed platform for their Microgaming software, and it provides a truly first class gaming experience along with a huge number of great looking games. The software is a quick download and has the usual system requirements and only takes a few minutes from the start of download until you’ve registered and are ready to play.

River Belle Casino has over 350 games available, and event though there's a huge range of slots and video poker game,s there is also a huge range of table games including all the favorites from the online casinos. River Belle Casino games are solid and the graphics are good quality. The loading times on the no-download version are surprisingly fast, and the quality rivals the download version.

River Belle Casino has a sign-up offer for its first-time players that is attractive indeed. It is a 100% match bonus that is good up to $100 for play in the casino. So the first-time customer can deposit anywhere from $20 up to $100 and get that matched to the tune of 100%.

River Belle Casino offers a generous loyalty points system. The points are based on the amount you've wagered, and which games you've played at the casino. The points are then changed to casino credits and moved into your River Belle Casino account each month. River Belle Casino has been awarded the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. eCOGRA is an independent organization based in the United Kingdom, devoted to improving and ensuring the integrity and security of online gambling.

Customer Support at River Belle Casino is superior to many as they offer 24 hours toll free phone service, email and also have a live chat where a casino representative is available fro help in real time, every day of the week.

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